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Cleaner job in Australia

As a professional cleaner, you have talents that are always in high demand. In Australia, the cleaning industry offers many opportunities for stable employment with good pay and benefits. Whether you want commercial, residential or specialist cleaning, there are many opportunities to find a lucrative role. By researching the job market and building your resume, you can land a position that offers financial security and room for career growth. Although the job can be physically demanding at times, building a career as a professional cleaner in Australia is a way to achieve steady income and long-term success. By focusing your search, honing your skills and adding to your experience, you will have a good chance of fulfilling your role in this important field.

Cleaner Salaries in Australia

As a cleaner in Australia, you can expect a competitive salary and benefits. According to recent research, average cleaner wages in Australia in 2023 will be!

  • Entry level: 25,000 – 40,000 Australian dollars per year. This includes roles such as domestic cleaners, commercial cleaners and housekeepers.
  • Experience: AUD 35,000 – 50,000 per year. For the posts of head cleaner, site supervisor and cleaning team leader with 3-5 years’ experience.
  • Specialist: A$45,000 – A$70,000 per year. Higher pay for specialized cleaners such as carpet cleaners, window cleaners, sanitary cleaners or sanitary cleaners.

Benefits of working as Cleaner

  • Most cleaners in Australia receive benefits such as paid holidays, overtime pay and superannuation.
  • Some companies also offer free or subsidized training, uniforms and cleaning supplies.
  • There are many career opportunities in the cleaning industry. With experience, you can move into management positions, such as cleaning team leader or operations manager.
  • You can also specialize in demanding fields such as sanitation or get certified in the latest techniques and technologies.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Cleaner

As a cleaner in Australia, you have some important tasks and responsibilities to fulfill. Your main task is to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in commercial and residential areas. It contains:

  • Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and polishing floors
  • Dusting and sweeping of surfaces
  • Cleaning bathrooms by scrubbing toilets and sinks, washing floors
  • Garbage collection and recycling and waste disposal
  • Cleaning and organizing areas

You may also be required to do some light maintenance, such as:

  1. Changing light bulbs
  2. Unclogging the sewer
  3. Reporting of necessary repairs to property managers

Requirements and Qualifications to Become a Cleaner

To become a cleaner in Australia you must meet some minimum requirements and qualifications.

Basic Education

Most cleaning jobs do not require a formal degree or certification. In general, however, a basic upper secondary education is required. Strong reading and math skills are essential to follow instructions, keep records and ensure proper cleaning techniques.

Technical skills

Certain technical skills are required to perform cleaning tasks effectively. You must be able to use industrial cleaning equipment such as floor, carpet and window cleaners. You must handle potentially hazardous cleaning chemicals safely by following instructions and wearing appropriate protective equipment

Time management and physical skills

Good time management and physical ability are important for cleaners. You must be able to complete the cleaning tasks efficiently in the given time. Cleaning jobs require long periods of standing, walking, bending and kneeling. You must be able to lift and move heavy furniture or equipment. Durability and durability are important.

Licenses and certificate

Some employers may require specific licenses or certifications depending on specific job requirements. A driver’s license may be required, for example, to transport cleaning products between construction sites. Certification in janitorial, floor maintenance, or commercial window cleaning can demonstrate your skills to employers and lead to a higher salary.


Best places to find cleaning jobs in Australia

If you want to find lucrative jobs in Australia, some of the best places to look are:

Employment Websites

Websites like Seek, Indeed and CareerOne are popular jobs in Australia for regular cleaning jobs. Set up job alerts such as “shop cleaner”, “housekeeper” or “hotel cleaner” to notify you of new vacancies. In major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, you’re likely to find opportunities that match your experience and interests.


Don’t underestimate the power of networking to find new cleaning opportunities. Connect with former colleagues and managers, join relevant groups on LinkedIn, and attend industry events to make personal connections. Someone in your network may know of an opening before it’s officially advertised or be able to provide a reference for you.

Cold Calling

For the bold job seeker, cold calling local cleaning companies and facilities in your area like hotels, hospitals, and office buildings may lead to new opportunities.

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