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Factory worker need in Taiwan

You can apply for a job as a factory worker in Taiwan if you’re interested. For a manufacturing worker position, you must be at least twenty years old and possess a college degree or a vocational certificate. Additionally, there are roles available for those with no prior experience. The company and the tasks done typically have an impact on the income offered.


minimum salary of a Product Packager

In Taiwan, a Product Packager has an average yearly pay of NT$600,142, or $245 per hour. In Taiwan, salaries typically rise each year, with the increment rate depending on performance and contribution. The basic wage is, however, significantly less than the typical American salary. Be sure to research Taiwan’s economy and legal system before relocating there.

Taiwan’s minimum salary is TWD 25,250, or about $168, up 5.21% from the previous year. In some industries, pay stagnation is a problem that the minimum wage is meant to address. By 2022, the average pay for this position will rise by TWD 25,250 ($168) annually.

Bonuses for outstanding performance

In Taiwan, the average yearly wage for a factory worker is NT$494,814, or about P30,500 per hour. Factory workers also receive an average bonus of NT$6,185 in addition to their pay. The average pay for industrial workers in Taiwan ranges from NT$383,075 for entry-level workers to NT$587,483 for senior-level workers, according to anonymous employee surveys. This average pay is projected to rise by 14% over the following five years.

Workers in the industrial industry frequently receive bonuses at the end of the year. Even while bonuses are frequently awarded for exceptional performance, they typically only represent around 5% of the typical yearly income. The bonus percentage varies according to the company size and job


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