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Expected Growth of 40% Between Now and 2023

In Poland, a Cleaner typically earns PLN 40,364 annually, or PLN 19 per hour. Depending on the level of education, the compensation ranges from PLN 31,202 to PLN 46,419 per month. A less-than-high school diploma is the highest level of education that a Cleaner can possess. The ERI wage surveys provide the basis for the salary data. Actual home sales data from private sources, as well as information on petrol prices and property taxes, are used to calculate the cost of living.

Expected growth of almost 40%

Between now and 2022, there should be a projected increase of roughly 40% in demand for cleaner positions. The median monthly wage for this occupation in Poland is 2,740 PLN, making it a middle-income job. Starting pay can be significantly greater, and you can anticipate receiving more compensation the higher your starting salary. It’s crucial to remember that this wage is much less than the national average for all other vocations in Poland.

minimum salary package

In Poland, a cleaner makes an average monthly salary of PLN 2,740, which covers housing, transportation, and other benefits. Although salary may differ from employer to employer. By 2022, there will be 40% more jobs for cleaners in Poland. You might think about pursuing further schooling if you want to work as a cleaner in the rural area. Your pay will thus probably increase with time.


1 hour rate

In Poland, a Cleaner earns a median monthly salary of PLN 2,740. This is regarded as middle-class pay. However, starting pay is significantly higher. A higher education will enhance pay, as it does with many employment. In Poland, the median salary for a Cleaner position is 6% less than the country’s average.

The Polish government estimates that a cleaner can make about 16 PLN per hour. Higher education can increase your earning potential in Poland if you’re thinking about pursuing a job in this area.


In Poland, bonuses for cleaning tasks are generally low. Despite few outliers, the typical bonus is just about 4%. This is due to the fact that bonus rates frequently depend on the state of the local and national economy. Bonus amounts are frequently subject to change as well. Additionally, because their employees don’t make a lot of money, cleaning and housekeeping positions have modest bonus bases. As a result, employees who receive the largest bonuses are frequently engaged in the process of generating money.

CLEANER JOBS                                        Poland                                          View & Apply

CLEANER JOBS                                        Poland                                          View & Apply

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